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Search our repair capability database for avionic, instrument, radio or accessory equipment.


Our on-line database contains a full range of instruments we commonly repair or overhaul for a number of different aircraft..  You can either do a quick search by part number to see if the part is in the database, or just download the entire list for easy reference on your computer..  To get started, please read the Instructions below:


Instructions: To search for a specific part number, just enter the Instrument Part Number and click Start Search.  If your search for a particular part number does not yield results, please do not hesitate to email us a request as our capability list is constantly being updated.

Enter Instrument Part Number



To download our entire parts database, read these instructions:  The entire database of parts we work on is available by clicking on the link below.  Please note that this database is organized by part number, and description and has a vast number of parts in it. Please only click once on the link to download the list.


Click here to download the entire parts list in Excel format.




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