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Announcing Charles Taylor Award Recipients

November 12, 2002 - Port Authority Headquarters, JFK International Airport, New York City.

O.B. Johannessen, known by most as “OBJ”, and Patrick Cucco received the Charles Taylor “Master Mechanic” Award. They will join the list of names on the “Roll of Honor” at the FAA Building in Washington, DC.

What is the Charles Taylor "Master Mechanic award? As many know, December 17, 1903 marked the Wright Brothers first powered flight. What most do not know is the man who made that first flight possible. Charles Taylor is considered the "unsung hero of aviation." He was the mechanic who built the engine for the Wright Brothers' flying machine. Today, Charles Taylor is recognized by the aviation world as the "first" aviation mechanic with an award that bears his name.

The award is given to those who have spent over 50 years in aviation, with at least 30 of the years as a certified repairman. Recipients are presented by local FAA representatives with a signed certificate from the FAA administrator, along with a lapel pin. Interestingly, the pin’s design includes the Wright Brothers’ flying machine overlaid with today’s modern Concorde jet. A similar pin is also given to the spouse for their loyal support to these dedicated individuals.

OBJ and Pat not only have been in aviation for more than 50 years, both have worked together in the same company for more than 30! Consolidated Instrument Company is proud of this impressive accomplishment. We take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have received the highest recognition from the United States Government for an aviation technician.



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